Mold Removal and Remediation

When there has been a water leak, flood, poor ventilation, or if a room’s temperature and humidity levels are just right, the unfortunate event of mold can occur.

Some species of microbial growths are visibly noticeable while some remain invisible to the naked eye, contaminating not only materials but the home or business’s breathable air. To be entirely sure what may be occurring and what to do, hiring a certified indoor hygienist to take and test samples to receive a documented report is a fantastic, thorough start. Some signs to look for if you suspect microbial growth:

• Discoloration on walls, ceiling, or flooring
• Musty odor
• Feeling of dampness in the air

We understand how disconcerting it is for a property owner to read a positive mold report, just know we at Stat Restoration have the means to remove and remediate all areas of your concern! Growths can appear in the most unlikely of areas, so during remediation, we will also provide a moisture check in surrounding areas to ensure there are no additional moisture points for growth to thrive in.

Mold and microbial growth spores will not disappear on their own. Without treatment or removal, it is most likely to spread to unaffected areas and can cause health problems to you, your family and friends, and even your pets. In addition, for your home, moderate to severe structural damage will begin to occur if moisture and growth is left unattended.

Our trained team will provide professional treatment and removal processes for mold remediation, no matter how far the mold has spread. A simple removal of spores on the surfaces of your home is not enough. Stat Restoration takes the time and care to thoroughly clean the air as well as address all areas of moisture where spores can land and grow. If the invisible particulates are not properly removed or neutralized, your mold problem is not solved and is bound to return eventually.

If you are looking for a professional mold remediation inspection and estimate, give us a call today!

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