Fire/Smoke Damage

In the aftermath of a structure fire, it’s expected to be left with many questions on how to proceed next.

Our accommodating and patient team is here for you every step of the way to help from filing your claim to the detail work of odor removal. Upon arrival, we will inspect and assess all fire and/or smoke damaged areas of your home. Any unsafe obstructions or furniture will be removed to ensure everyone’s safety. Even in areas that were not directly affected by the flame, heat and smoke damage can still occur causing irreversible warping or hard to remove odor from settled soot. Though this can be a troubling and stressful time, our fire restoration team will guarantee your home or office to be taken care of in the upmost regard. We will communicate directly with you regarding items that can be cleaned and restored, as well as the items that have endured permanent damage.

The extent of cleaning and/or demolition required varies with every loss; dependent of cause, timeframe of activity, materials burned, etc.

If any areas were affected directly by flame or high heat damage, it is extremely important to evaluate if materials could be hazardous before beginning remediation. A supervisor will inspect and create a detailed scope of work for you and your insurance to review. Upon approval from involved parties, remediation can begin based on our supervisor’s professional advice.

Furniture, belongings, or contents that have been burned beyond repair, including those items that include synthetic materials, will be documented and recommended for disposal. Every type of material has a burning/melting point, and every material reacts differently when introduced to heat. Synthetic materials can become toxic when burned/melted, as the common material undergoes a variety of complex chemical reactions when exposed to extreme heat. Furniture, flooring, carpet, and even some paints can contain these synthetic materials. In addition, soot must be removed from every surface in your home, including affected contents and furniture.

In the event your home or office has experienced smoke damage, not necessarily affected by flame or high heat, a crew will be able to help by removing and neutralizing soot and odor particulates that have worked their way into porous and non-porous materials. Even a small fire can cause enough smoke to ruin a carpet or upholstery, to yellow the paint on your walls, and to create a terrible odor. This is called smoke permeation, which is a common result of house or nearby fires. Without proper cleaning or removal of materials or possessions which have absorbed smoke or soot/ash settlement, the home can maintain the odor as well as create potential for adverse health effects. Our trained technicians will work to remove odors from your home or office using industry standard procedures such as thermal fogging, high-level ozone gas deodorization systems, and quality product applications to restore your property to pre-fire conditions.

There are smoke damage situations that a property owner can simply clean up themselves. Here is when we recommend calling in a professional crew:
• Attempts have been made to clean your home or office, but you are still experiencing lingering smoke odors or visible damage.
• There is extensive water damage from broken pipes or other water sources.
• You plan on selling your home and need documentation to prove professional restoration.
• If a claim is filed, your insurance provider may require that professionals perform the damage assessment and provide an estimate of cost and scope of work.

As a licensed and insured mitigation contractor, Stat Restoration provides state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advanced training for all of our technicians. We are an IICRC Certified Firm and offer 24-hour emergency services provided by our honest and understanding staff to support our clients through their time of need.

Everyone at Stat Restoration is here to help you begin to repair and rebuild your property.
Fire & Smoke Remediation Services
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